About JPI MedGas

Are you a doctors office, vet, or dental office? Are you looking to have a medical gas line system installed or need repairs on an existing medical gas line system? Are you located within the Chicagoland area or surrounding suburbs? Then you have found the right business for the right job who makes trust and quality the center of their work ethic.

We are a small business with over 20 years in the piping industry, building up a reputation of great customer service, top grade reliable work, and a respected reputation in the trades industry. We have gathered a large working library of knowledge and network of top-shelf associates for any occasion or emergency. Our specialty is focusing on new installation of medical gas piping systems that work for your company, your needs, and your pace. Our size allows us to focus more on your specific needs.

While we are a small business, rest assured that our installers have experience in construction, renovation, and maintenance of commercial and industrial properties. We have cultivated terrific working relationships with those in the medical field, general contractors, tradesmen, property managers, and owners. We have had the pleasure of keeping our association with some of the most organized, professional, honest, and hard-working people in all of the above industries. We continually thrive by raising the bar for ourselves in seeking new knowledge and educational classes, honing our skills so we can give our customers the best there is. Every project grants us the ability to stretch our limits and expand our knowledge base while meeting deadlines and surpassing expectations.

Our history may be steeped in the traditional plumbing fields, but we have sought to specialize in Medical Grade Gas Piping Installation. We install new piping systems in doctor’s offices, vets offices, dental offices, hospitals, clinics, and more by utilizing NITC certified medical gas installers. We will do repairs on existing medical gas piping systems only. We will stand behind our craftsmanship and warranty that shields all parts and labor that is provided by JPI MedGas up to one year from the date of installation. Our pride is in our work. We will stand behind it and our customer. If there is an issue that arises, we will walk you through every step of it so you can understand everything that is going on in your business. We never want to leave you with questions, defective systems, or lacking what is absolutely needed to meet your needs and expectations. If it so happens to boggle our minds, we will track down the knowledge required to leave you with a peace of mind. You are our number one concern.

Since each and every job is different, we can give no blanket time in how long installation of a new system will require. So many considerations go into the calculations, including items such as is this a renovation or new construction? Are there stationary objects to be avoided? Do we need to move around other installations? Will this be overhead piping or under a concrete slab that requires the process of being saw cut, removed, and then re-installed? Is this an existing medical gas piping system that is currently in use or can the system be shut down for an extended period of time? With all that in mind, not to mention other things that creep into the work frame, there is a process we utilize to achieve an estimate. Please begin by providing a set of drawings (blueprints). Please include multiple pictures of the project for reference points. Then, we will setup and schedule an on-site meeting. Our offices are open Monday-Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm.

As our business grows and evolves, we will be adding more services, certifications, and services areas. Our goal of creating trust within our relationships will remain at the top of the list. We will always strive to complete every project on time, with quality and unbeatable results. We will continue to provide you with actions rooted in the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques. If you ever have a question about a service, please never hesitate to ask.